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tac notes1reg confFrom: Wendy Fairchild 
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2013 2:52 PM
To: Amy Berg; Damien Pitman; Gretchen Douglas; Irena Vincent; Jeremy Zhe-Heimerman; Joshua Peluso; Justin Stewart; Maria Timberlake; Mary Saracene; Michelle Cryan
Subject: Agenda for April 9 Technology Accessibility Advisory Committee



Technology Accessibility Advisory Committee

April 9,2013

3:00 p.m.

409 Miller


·         Review of Minutes (attached)

·         Discussion of faculty support for accessible course readings

·         Inaccessible emails and our response


Technology Accessibility Advisory Committee

December 2, 2013


Present:  A. Berg, G. Douglas, J. Stewart, J. Peluso, M. Timberlake, M. Cryan, J. Zhe-Heimerman,


Area Reports


The summer conference – M. Cryan liked that the speaker was part of the law firm that represents the Federation of the Blind; he gave some interesting legal facts.  M. Timberlake found the morning topics more relevant, including future expectations for accessibility, and expectations on how things are going to work. The afternoon was more about how to design the website


J. Zhe-Heimerman reported that he is on a technology committee that is working on checklists that campuses can use to be sure that they are doing what is necessary.  It is more a list of what you need to look for to determine whether you are accessible.  He will send the link to the document to the committee members.


J. Peluso is seeing an increase in the abuse of email.  A. Berg has been responding to these emails directly.  She spoke with R. Moulton about making sure that text isn’t available only within a graphic.


M. Cryan brought up the purchasing of third party software that might not be accessible.  It was noted that International Programs is purchasing software; they did not work with Information Resources.  J. Zhe-Heimerman asked if a letter from this group to the Cabinet or Vice President for Finance would help with this issue.  J. Peluso suggested that a web-hosted software policy be developed, with input from the TAAC committee, J. Zhe-Heimerman from an accessibility perspective, and someone from Institutional Advancement from a branding perspective.  A. Berg will discuss it with the Provost.


Discussion Topic:  Support for Departments Document

The committee reviewed the proposed memo that will be sent to the deans.

J. Zhe-Heimerman indicated from his interaction with faculty they don’t have a problem making their courses accessible, but more are unaware of how to do it. They are particularly receptive when it is suggested that student employees are capable of providing assistance.  The problems are primarily with PDF’s.  A workshop on using Acrobat Pro could be available for faculty.  What about training for student staff?   J. Morog could provide some training; it’s probably available through Atomic Learning as well.  J. Stewart will check to see what is available.  There are already some tutorials available in myRedDragon.

Should information about Adobe Acrobat Pro software being available for faculty be included in the memo?  The committee was concerned that there will be a rush to get the software because it is ‘free’ to faculty.  Not everybody needs it, and it is actually paid for by Campus Technology Services.

A. Berg will email the committee members any memo responses she receives.

A. Berg asked G. Douglas if she wants to name someone else to participate on the committee during her sabbatical.  She will ask Sara Quimby and get back to A. Berg.

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