FSA 600: Final UDL Thematic Unit

FSA 600: Final UDL Thematic Unit

The purpose of the UDL Thematic Unit assignment is to assess the candidates’ ability to design classroom instruction for diverse learners (including students with disabilities, English language learners, and students who live in poverty). Using principles of universal design for learning, the instructional thematic unit will address content areas and incorporate IEP goals (either existing goals or new relevant goal) for all learners. The content area for the unit must be either science or social studies, and the candidate will be expected to incorporate instruction in mathematics and ELA into content area instruction in meaningful ways. Technology for learning should be considered.

The following steps will be included:

  1. Summary table of all learners’ strengths, interests and needs
  2. Sketch a blueprint of the ideal classroom environment for this unit using UD principles
  3. IEP goals from your target student
  4. Essential questions: for all, most, a few
  5. What do students know, and what do they need to know?
  6. Create a master list of potential activities for a month long unit
  7. Design at least three lesson plans using a UDL planning format.
  8. Incorporate at least 3 ideas from Tutor Scripts & Talking Sticks
  9. Incorporate at least 1 “specialized toolbox” strategy from one of the presentations.

10. Incorporate a teaching method from each area (a) diverse recognition network, (b) diverse strategic networks, (c) affective networks (CAST’s Teaching Every Student digital book Figure 6.1)

11. Include how you’ll create a welcoming and inclusive environment – how might you build community so that the students have a positive climate in which to learn the lessons you’re planning?

12. Chooses one activity and implements it in your field placement

13. After implementation: Evaluate students’ response to your lesson including a reflective statement about your own learning.

One potential UDL lesson plan format will be provided.  You can also use a planning format from a different source such as CAST, a format from a prior course or design your own based on your learning style.

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