FSA 530 Rev2

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The link below provides samples of students’ final reflections. They discuss what they got out of the course.  My favorites are: “When I first signed up I thought how pointless a one credit course would be…”   she writes about how wrong she was!  Another talks about how surprising it was to get so much from a one credit course and it was “definitely worth the money”.  I include these because the comments on the CTEs may appear ridiculous.  While I was out of the room and they were filling out the evals, they decided to all write “give her an ipad” in the comment section. I discovered it when I got the copies back.  It was a sweet but immature gesture and I don’t want real course feedback to be lost in the silliness. Needless to say, I didn’t ask them to do that nor expect it would result in my getting an ipad.  They were correct however, that it was awkward that most students had ipads and I was showing them apps for alternative communication for students without verbal language – but I didn’t have my own ipad.

FSA 530 Student Feedback