FSA 210 Rev2

I taught two sections of FSA 210 in Fall 2014. The CTEs are  listed first followed by the student comments.  The CTEs for 2013 were included in my first review.  You can view them under the Effectiveness in Teaching tab.  These CTEs are slightly better, particularly because the 2013 cohorts commented on “organization” so I made changes.  In retrospect I think “organization” was both a perception related to my teaching style and a valid observation – so in 2014 I started each class by showing the objectives for that day on a powerpoint slide and was more explicit about my pedagogy.  For example, I’d often end class summarizing the structures I’d used and asking them to re state why we did things the way we did.  I’m teaching FSA 410 this semester (FL 2015) and told the students the 1st day that nothing I do in class is random.  Every lecture, discussion, activity, assignment has a purpose and if the purpose isn’t clear – they can and should ask. As future teachers I assume they’re interested in pedagogy and not just passively receiving information.  So I start by inviting them in to the process as well as the content.

Fall 2014 Section 1 CTEs

210 601
210 601

Sec 1 Student Comments:  Comments Timberlake – FSA 210-601

Section 2 CTEs

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 7.27.52 PMSec 2 Student Comments Comments Timberlake – FSA 210-602

For syllabus: syllabus FSA 210-211 Fall 2014