Developing FSA 340

FSA 340 8-15

FSA 340 2FSA 340 3FSA 340 4FSA 340 5FSA 340 6FSA 340 7FSA 340 8From: David Smukler <>

Date: Saturday, July 13, 2013 8:56 AM

To: Academic Computing <>

Subject: Re: latest 340


This is fantastic. Thank you so much!

I’m attaching the course with some minor edits (mostly silly format things that drive me crazy more than they do most people) and a few questions to consider.

Also attached is the curriculum Form 1 that will have to accompany this. Please look that over as well and feel free to suggest changes. I had a hard time coming up with an abbreviated course title (30 characters or less).

Once everything looks okay to you, I think you can go ahead and send it to Brian (please cc me when you do).

Again, many thanks. This is really impressive.



On 8/26/13 4:05 PM, “Brian Barrett” <> wrote:


Over the summer I received 5 “yes” and 0 “no” votes re: FSA 340. The most recent, “cleaned up,” version is attached for discussion at Wednesday’s department meeting.





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